The Return Of Kate Moss

Kate Moss is well and truly back in the limelight. Not content with announcing her return to Topshop the supermodel has also been announced as contributing fashion editor at Vogue.


Image: Topshop

Let’s begin with Topshop. Kate’s first collection was launched in 2007 and was to be inspired by her own wardrobe. Naturally, it was a hit we could all get the supermodels look on the high street. No designer prices there.

Kate continued to design another thirteen collections for Topshop before calling it a day. Kate Iconic was launched at the same as her final collection for the retailer, featuring the most popular items from previous seasons.

Then, that was it, she was gone and a state of mourning was declared amongst the fashion world who could no longer get Kate’s look.

Fast forward to 2013 and she’s back but not till April 2014. This month Topshop announced the original collaboration Queen’s return to everyone’s favourite high street retailer. The collection will feature around forty pieces which will again be inspired by Kate’s own wardrobe, but will it survive in today’s era of collaboration overload?

However, it is her announcement that she is to become contributing fashion editor to style bible Vogue that has rocked the fashion elite. The magazine say Kate will be a ‘hands-on editor’ but is the top model really ready to step behind the camera? Watch out for her first story due in a spring issue.

What do you think of Kate’s new editorial role and will her Topshop collection live up to the expectations?