10 Things to Love and Hate about the Kim Kardashian Hollywood Game

kim game

If you are anything like me and a little more invested in the lives of those Kardashians than your own family (I joke…sort off), then you will probably have downloaded Kim Kardashian: Hollywood onto your smartphone, and have spent hours tapping away in the hope you make it onto the A-List. Here’s my favourite things I love and hate about the game which has taken away my social life:


1. The subtle nods to Keeping Up With The Kardashian storylines and copycat items of Kim’s own wardrobe that you saw months ago on Daily Mail and remind you of Kim’s fashion highs and lows

2. You get to go travelling round the world, virtually of course because how else would you get to go to Paris, New York and Las Vegas in a day?

3. Working with famous photographers and Anna Wintour lookalikes, something that would only happen on your smartphone

4. You want a Hollywood mansion? Sure that will be $6000 (if only it was that easy in the real world)

5. Kim giving you free clothes, because how can you afford to buy Alaïa heels and Givenchy dresses in real life?


6. Photoshoots are exhausting – all that posing, pouting and prettifying can be pretty hard work

7. Accidentally slagging of Willow Pape is not good, you will go back down the C-List if you aren’t careful

8. Not making enough money on all those photoshoots, commercials and catwalk shows? It’s back to So Chic to earn a few cents!

9. All that tapping really is a finger workout, you will miss out on energy and money if you aren’t quick enough

10. ‘Are you really wearing that for Metropolitan Magazines latest shoot?’ Dress appropriately people your fame counter will thank you for it

Anyway, must dash I’ve got a photoshoot at Muse magazine in New York to attend.

Is anyone else as obsessed with this game as I am?

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