2015 Goals


I’m not one for the whole #newyearnewme shebang but a little goal setting/dreaming in January never hurt anybody so without further ado here’s my six goals for 2015.

1. Read more – I’m a big bookworm when I’m on holiday and always attempt to carry this on throughout the rest of the year but it never seems to stick. My current book of choice is Shopaholic to the Stars by Sophie Kinsella aka some mega chick-lit and the story of my life.

2. Be healthy – A feature on the majority of resolution lists but some fruit and veg after the Christmas pig out is never a bad thing. Plus, this healthy lunch recipe from The Londoner looks amazing and is definitely on my must try list this year.

3. Bake more – Slightly contradictory to my last point but cake is always a good thing right? I got some new baking books for Christmas and can’t wait to try my hands at something new.

4. Shop less – Never gonna happen but I can try. In an ideal world I’d shop less frivolously and buy more investment style pieces, this is mostly an excuse so I can go and buy this Lulu Guinness bag and not feel guilty.

5. Travel more – Whilst I’ve been lucky enough to see lots of places and am off to Thailand in April I’d still love to see and do more whether that’s abroad or in the UK. After all there’s only so much Netflix you can watch…isn’t there?

6. Win the lottery – A girl can dream.

What’s on your 2015 agenda?