Tips and Tricks: Pinterest

Pinterest Fashion Tips

You’ve spent hours pinning that stylish outfit, amazing cake and incredible home decor image but how can you make Pinterest work for you? I’ve put together a few little tips so you can start putting pins into practice and live the elusive ‘perfect’ Pinterest life happily ever after.

Use related pins

Found the perfect pin and want to find more like it? Scroll down to see related pins and find an array of images similar to your favourite image. It’s especially handy when creating a new board.

Like a pin

Love an image or idea but not sure where it fits on your boards? Just like it instead and it’ll be saved for you to come back to later.

Separate your boards

It’s all well and good having boards labelled ‘Style Inspiration’ and ‘Food and Drink’ but when it comes to finding that perfect cake recipe and all you can see is pin after pin of pasta it becomes a little tedious. Divide¬†your boards into specific categories and it’ll become so much easier to find what you’re after.

Before you shop

Heading out shopping and worried you’ll waste money on styles that don’t fit into your wardrobe? Take a look at your recently pinned pins and see what you’ve been loving recently and make notes. Hopefully you’ll then head out with a clear idea on what kind of look you’re¬†after.

Remember Pinterest is a dreamworld

Pinterest is a lust-worthy site and if we all the time we’d all live the Pinterest life. Use it to lust after and gather inspiration and if your outfit/dinner/home decor doesn’t turn out pin worthy then at least you gave it a go.

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