Haul: Under £10 Homeware

Primark HomewareJars: Lidl, Plant: Wilko, Love Sign and Pineapple Candle: Primark

With a hint of spring in the air a little under £10 homeware haul was in order to add a touch of spring to my bedroom. Plus, with everything priced at less than £10 each it didn’t break the bank either which is always a bonus.

I’m not sure when pinapples and cactus plants became a thing but I’m pretty happy they did. I’ve deemed this pinapple candle from Primark too pretty to burn and whilst the cactus is a little on the prickly side it adds a little green to a rather pink space.

This white wooden ‘love’ sign from Primark is currently propped up on my jewellery table with some other trinkets close by. The pretty pastel glass jars were a little gift from my Mum and sit on my window ledge with some other glass jars I picked up on a trip to Greece.

Have you picked up any homeware bargains recently?

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