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Do you know what sucks? What really, really sucks? Finding the perfect suede skirt and not being able to buy it cause you already spent your monthly clothing allowance. I could hear my heart breaking the moment I realised I had to walk away from this little suede a line dream boat in River Island because I’m *almost* a grown up and money doesn’t grow on trees.

You see saving for a house isn’t all that fun, after all there’s only so much #homeinspo pinning on Pinterest a girl can do before the urge to press pay on your ASOS order gets all too much and you put that next day delivery subscription you paid for to good use – it’d be rude not too right?!

Whether you’re saving for a house, holiday or a rainy day (plenty of them here in England!) here’s a few pearls of wisdom and ideas to prevent saving boredom:

1. Make a budget sheet. Okay, it’s not exciting but it does allow you see all your outgoings and allocate money for clothing/beauty/nights out etc. If you’re lucky you’ll have some spare which can top up your savings or allow you one extra splurge in Topshop or an extra nail varnish.

2. You don’t need a takeaway every week. You know those make your own Pad Thai or Curry kits from supermarkets? They’re actually alright and a fraction of the cost, and you’ll still get your weekly takeaway fix. Or why not don your chefs hat and try a recipe you haven’t tried before? Happy tums all round.

3. Netflix is your best friend. Make that monthly subscription work; whilst Orange Is The New Black and Pretty Little Liars are great why not watch something out of your comfort zone?

4. Read more. Got a stack of magazines and unread books? Read ’em to stop twiddling thumbs.

5. Make a scapbook. Got loads of old gig tickets and holiday momentos that are clogging up draws? Make them into a scrapbook and flick through it when you forget what it felt like to be a normal money spending citizen. Just add coloured card, washi tape and anything else crafty!

6. ┬áPaint your nails. If you’re anything like me and own every nail polish under the sun but only wear the same ruby red in winter and bright orange in summer then it’s time to break that habit. Try out the more daring colours in your range – it’ll be like buying a new polish each time.

7. Make eBay or Depop your best friend. I’ve been known to fund my whole Glastonbury trip from eBay sales. Yes really. Have a major clear out, if you haven’t worn it for a year then get rid. One man’s trash is another man’s treasure and all that.

8. Remember life’s too short. Okay so whilst an expensive splurge isn’t the most sensible if you’re trying to save. One extra little treat a month won’t kill you. Yes i’m justifying the skirt okay.

What are your saving tips?



  1. June 16, 2015 / 10:23 am

    love this post! i’m also saving up for a deposit so i feel your pain, my budget spreadsheet has become my best friend…

    fab blog, i’ve just followed :) xx

    je suis cat

    • June 16, 2015 / 8:30 pm

      It’s horrible isn’t it! Saving is no fun :( x