Lifestyle: Healthy Recipe Ideas

Vegan lunch

After a summer of indulgence (read about what I got up to here) full of cocktails, cake and ice cream it was definitely time to start eating healthier and eat a little more fruit rather than having it as a cocktail garnish (oops!) and see what all the clean eating fuss is about.

When I’m thinking about eating healthier, clean eating or whatever you want to call it, the first place I go to for inspiration is Pinterest. For me if something looks good then I’ll certainly want to eat it and there’s no better place than Pinterest to get pin happy and gain some food inspiration ready for the week ahead. From looking at acai bowls, all of the salads and vegan recipes galore it was time to take action and get healthy! Take a look at some of the healthy meals I’ve been eating below and don’t forget to follow me on Pinterest for some more clean eating inspiration!

On mission clean eating I’ve been loving a bowl of Special K with almond milk or berries alongside a cup hot water with a slice of lemon for breakfast, for lunches it’s always about hummus and veg or a salad with a little side of cous cous or halloumi. For my birthday this year I received a spiralizer, something which I’ve been after for a while, so I gave it a whirl (literally) with courgetti and puttanesca sauce for dinner- delicious!

If you have any clean eating tips let me know in the comments below!

poached egg and avocado

healthy breakfast