What To Do In New York at Christmas

IMG_2067I’m off to New York this weekend for a Christmassy break with my boyfriend and I thought I’d share some of the things we’re planning to do and some of the things that have helped us plan our trip so far. I love planning so we have booked up a few things to do so far, so that we aren’t frantically searching for places to eat or things to do. There’s nothing worse than having a limited time somewhere and arriving back home and realising you’ve missed something out.

Pinterest is one of my favourite places to search for inspiration. I often end up forgetting that Pinterest is a good resource for finding amazing blog posts with handy tips and things to do and always end up lusting over the beautiful images. I’m always pinning travel inspiration and things to do, so I need to start putting that board into action.

If you have Bloglovin’ this post on bloggers things to do in New York was super helpful and had lots of really good recommendations of things to do in the city. What Olivia Did also has lots of travel guide posts in New York which had lots of things to do off the beaten track.

Christmas in New York

If there’s one thing I’m most excited for it’s Christmas in New York, perhaps it’s because its often the focal point of the majortiy of Christmas films but there’s something so magical about the htough of visiting at Christmas.

We leave just before the famous Christmas tree lighting at the Rockefeller Centre in New York so sadly we’ll miss that but I can’t wait to see the tree and ice rink and have a little Elf moment. We are planning on ice skating though which we will probably end up doing in Central Park to avoid the mass queues at  Rockerfeller Centre.

Things to Do

We’re also planning a trip to the 9/11 museum and we want to visit another museum but we aren’t sure which one to go to yet. I’ve been to New York twice before now and not once have I made it across to Brooklyn so that’s my aim for this trip. The walk over Brooklyn Bridge always freaks me out as I feel it doesn’t look safe, strange I know. We’re also going to do all the other touristy things and go up the Rockerfeller Centre, visit Central Park and Grand Central.


 We knew we wanted to see a show and it was down to either Wicked or The Book of Mormon. I’ve seen Wicked in London before and it’s my absolute favourite musical ever so that won the vote! The soundtrack is my ultimate good mood album (for real) so I can’t wait to see it on Broadway.

Food and Drink

We’ve booked both Lincoln Square Steakhouse and Balthazar in SoHo for dinner so far. We booked the restaurants on recommendations from work and things I’d read up on blogs so fingers crossed they are as good as we’ve heard!

I also want to visit the Sprinkles Cupcake ATM because what’s better than cupcakes from a wall? Nothing in my eyes. Other food and drink highlights I’d like to visit are Apotheke, a cocktail bar where all the drinks are prescriptions, which is basically my kind of medicine. Also on the list is the Egg Shop and Jack’s Wife Freda.


I’m not really one for big brands so for me New York shopping will be more about visiting Sephora on every block. I already have a little list going in my head of all the things I want to pick up. I really love boutique and independent shops so hopefully I’ll be able to pick up some bits in those!

If you’d like to see what I got up to last time I was in New York then take a look at my travel post when I went last summer. If anyone has any other recommendations of things to do in New York I’d love to know them!