Ways to Get That Festive Feeling

Christmas Tree

Today marks the shortest day of the year which is always a day I strangely look forward too. Perhaps it’s because it’s so close to Christmas and it signals the final countdown to the big day on December 25th. As someone who’s been listening to Christmas songs since November it’s safe to say I’ve been feeling festive for a few weeks now.

The week in the run up to Christmas is always one of my favourite weeks of the year often I’ll spend it doing some last minute shopping, wrapping presents, watching Christmas films (films other than Elf need not apply), making sure we have the best Christmas party food and baking some delicious sweet treats.

So whether you’re struggling to get that festive feeling or you’re looking for some Christmassy things to do this week, I’ve put together some of the things I’ll be doing this week in the hope it gives you some inspiration!

Christmas Biscuits

Decorate Biscuits

I usually make my own gingerbread biscuits at Christmas but as the best bit often lies in the decorating (and we were short on time) we picked up a trust packet mix and some icing pens so we could get creative in the kitchen. Whilst some of the designs we came up with were questionable it was certainly fun to try our hand at some Pinterest designs.

Christmas Drink

Pick up a Christmas Drink

If you’re someone who gets excited about the Starbucks #RedCups then it’s likely this is something that gets you in the Christmas spirit. My personal faves this year are the honey and almond hot chocolate from Starbucks and the Christmas tea from Costa. Delicious.

Christmas Inspiration

Wrap your Presents

If you read this post you’ll know I’m pretty obsessed with wrapping presents and every year I pick out a theme. It’s one of those activities that I like to do accompanied by a nice drink (mulled wine or hot chocolate preferably) with a Christmas film on the TV. This years accompaniments were homemade mulled wine and the Strictly Come Dancing final.

Christmas food

Have a Christmas Buffet

As I mentioned earlier Christmas party food is something I love to shop for and eating it even more. Each year we have a Christmas film night at home with all of the foods and it’s one of those little things I look forward to every year. So indulge in every cheese you can find, dips, crisps and all the beige foods. Christmas cups and plates are also essential.

Christmas Cake