2015 Year Review – The Anti Bucket List

New York View

I’m certainly not someone who’s big on New Years resolutions, I made a few last year which you can read about here. Whilst I like the idea of setting yourself a few goals for the year ahead they aren’t something I try and live my life by for the next 12 months.

After seeing the idea of the anti-bucket list floating about on the internet I thought I’d give it a go. The idea is you celebrate all the things you’ve achieved this year rather than dwelling on the things you need to improve on for the year ahead.

Us Brits can be modest creatures and sometimes we can all forget those milestones we’ve achieved big or small, so why not take a moment to reflect on 2015. The year may not have been particularly rosy for some but there’s often little gems you may have forgotten about and they’ll certainly perk you up when you remember them on a mid-week January morning.

  • Visited Thailand, rode an elephant, climbed to the top of Koh Nang Yuan, ate amazing food and drank some pretty delicious cocktails and got soaked in the Songkran festival. You can read my guide to Thailand here.
  • Revamped my blog and whilst I’m a little bored of the layout at the moment I’m determined to stick it out a while longer and tweak it as I can.
  • Went to Radio 1’s Big Weekend in Norwich and saw Taylor Swift – so dreamy.
  • Started saving for a house and whilst it’s been tough, we’re almost there – wahoo!
  • Attended a couple of photoshoot with my previous job for the spring/summer and autumn/winter magazines.
  • Took weekend trips to Lake District, Centre Parcs, Norwich, Harrogate and Ipswich.
  • Got the car of my dreams – a little Fiat 500 which is extremely impractical but hey it’s cute!
  • Went to see Ed Sheeran with a little appearance for Elton John too.
  • Celebrated my Mum’s 50th birthday in Portugal with my lovely family.
  • Started a new job in September which is pretty amazing so far.
  • Took a Christmassy trip to New York with my boyfriend and indulged in all things Christmas, food and shopping.
  • Saw Wicked on Broadway and nearly cried it was so good. For someone who listens to the soundtrack regularly I was pretty over the moon.
  • Cemented my adult status by receiving a ton of homeware for Christmas and swapping Zara for a kettle and toaster in the sale.

Reflecting on the positives is a much better way to kick off 2016, with a list of things you’ve conquered rather than the things you haven’t you’ll certainly feel much more positive about the upcoming year.