​I wrote about my trip to Thailand over here but let’s have a little reminisce shall we? Because who doesn’t dream of sandy beaches, cocktails and a little sun on a dreary January day?

It all started when my boyfriend surprised me with the trip for Christmas in 2014. Writing that it feels like an absolute world away now. It started with a box. I know we shouldn’t judge something by it’s cover but I was SO confused as to what was going to be inside. I mean I’d bought him a PlayStation so I was expecting big things.

As I carefully opened the box inside were 5 numbered presents all containing clues as to what the ‘main’ present was. I can’t quite remember what order they were in but I opened up a bumbag, a pair of sunglasses, passport holder, then finally a guide book to Thailand (I was still clueless despite this being a big clue – oops!) and then inside my card there were the flight details. And well some main present it turned out to be, eh!?

It was official, we were of to Thailand in 2015!

Whilst my boyfriend and I had been away together before, this was our first ‘proper’ holiday and we were both so excited so go somewhere new and have the best two weeks ever.

Deciding what islands to visit was tough and it took us a while, but we settled on visiting Bangkok first before taking to the east coast of Thailand. We wanted to do the three main islands on the east coast, so visited Koh Samui for 6 nights first, then 2 nights in Koh Phangan and finally 3 nights in Koh Tao.

Luckily, as we both have full time jobs we wanted to stay in amazing hotels rather than the typical ‘backpacker’ style hostels, we decided to splash out as we were lucky enough to be able to afford to do so. We stayed in some incredible places and I became pretty obsessed with some of the bathrooms in our rooms. The hotel we stayed at in Bophut had a sunken bath on the balcony with a candle chandelier overhead, which made for a pretty nice bath let me tell you.

We travelled over the Thai festival Songkran which celebrates the Thai New Year. Locals bless the young by throwing water over them and placing clay on their faces. Our biggest mistake was underestimating just how wet and messy the festival gets, as on our first day we wandered down Koh San road completely unaware (and wearing our best holiday clothes) of just how wet we were going to get. Naturally the easiest thing to do was grab a water gun and get stuck in and it made for an amazingly fun and rather wet first day.

One of my other absolute favourite things we did whilst we were away and one of my favourite things I’ve ever done too was when we visited the Ang Thong Marine Park. Despite staying out pretty late at Ark Bar the night before, after indulging in a few too many holiday cocktails the 6am wake up call was a major struggle, but it was so worth it. After catching our own boat to take us out to the marine park, we were ready for a day full of adventure.

First up was snorkeling in the sea, and despite my apprehension at first and being a slight nervous nelly I soon got over it. It felt so freeing just bobbing around in the middle of the ocean with only fish for company. Next up we hiked up a pretty run down hill (it felt like a mountain) but at the top we were greeted with a big blue lagoon below us, which looked heavenly. After a traditional Thai lunch, we were ready for an afternoon of sea kayaking and sun bathing on a secluded beach. When the day was over we hopped back on the boat and with the sea wind blowing I soon feel asleep for one of the best naps I’ve ever had. It was absolute bliss.

It was honestly one of those holidays were we lived in our own little bubble for 2 weeks, carefree and without a worry in the world and something I’ll treasure forever.

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