Enjoying Life

Dreaming of pretty cups of tea from @jackswifefreda

This blog has definitely taken a back seat as of late for no other reason than that I’ve simply been enjoying life and living offline more than online. Its so easy to become wrapped in a world of taking pictures of things simple for Instagram (so guilty) and this blog or spending the evening and weekend glued to my laptop that it leaves room for little else.

The past few weekends have been spent purely sofa bound, watching Sherlock and Suits and trying to spend as little money as possible due to getting a mortgage (major zzzzz’s), but we have hit our savings target – WAHOOO! I also tried red wine for the first time a couple of weekends ago and I’m now hooked, and that’s about as wild and interesting as January got.

I’ve also not been in the mood to write as much as I have done previously, partly because my job involves a lot of writing and when I get home the thought of spending another 4 hours on my laptop isn’t so appealing. Writing is always something I loved to do since I was little and I’d spend hours writing stories, so now that it’s something I get to do at work I feel that that box is ticked somewhat.

I also have no idea what I want to write about anymore either. This blog started out as a university project over 2 years ago, and started out focused purely on fashion. Since then I’ve written beauty reviews, featured outfit posts and documented some of my travels.

And now I just like to write about whatever.  I don’t really like the whole blogger tag where you’re a fashion blogger or a beauty blogger, I have a whole host of interests and thoughts swimming around in my head and I’m not sure what category any of those fall in to.

I just want to write about whatever, whenever so going forward that’s what I’m going to do.

My boyfriend has also been nagging me to write a post for a while so this *rather boring* one’s for you.