How To Sell At A Car Boot

Car boot sale

I’d been saying that I wanted to do a car boot sale for a while before I actually bit the bullet and went for it. I’d had a couple of bags packed and ready to go for almost a year, but out of sheer laziness I’d never got round to doing one. Finally, last month I went for it and whilst I was fairly apprehensive about doing it beforehand it eventually turned out to be quite a fun and productive day.

I had a fairly big mixture of stuff; clothes, bags, shoes, belts, jewellery, old uni stuff, books, DVDs and homeware. Although the majority of my stuff was made up of clothing. I was slightly worried that my clothing wouldn’t appeal to the car boot market but it did surprisingly well. The majority of my clothing was from high street stores (mostly Primark and New Look bits) and there wasn’t anything particularly fancy or new. In fact most of the things I had were from my university days.

In the end we made about £120 profit in around 4 hours so we were fairly pleased. I managed to sell around half of my stuff, so I’m planning on doing another one to hopefully shift the rest and a few more bits that I’ve since realised I want to sell on.

I’ve decided to put together a few bits of advice and some of the things I wish I’d known before we pitched up ready to sell.

Do your Research

One of my friends had attended the car boot I went to beforehand so I go her opinion to make sure it was the best option in the area. This one allowed to you set up at 9.30 and gates opened just before 10.30 so there was no horrendous early start.

I’d also double check how many people are allowed in the car too, as only 2 people were allowed in the car when I went.

Take Change

An obvious one but make sure you have plenty of change and keep it in a cross body bag or bum bag if you have one.

The large majority of people who go to car boots do come equipped with plenty of change but we did get the odd £10 or £20 note we had to change which can be a pain if you don’t have enough coins.

Bring Carrier Bags

Now the 5p carrier bag charge has come into effect we didn’t have many spare plastic bags lying around the house but I did manage to gather a few up to take along.

Most car boot goers will probably take a long a bag for life or something similar, but many still ended up asking for a bag so having a stack ready can come in handy. Especially if people are looking to buy a few things.

Don’t Get Attached

It’s easy to become attached to items and see the sentimental value in something but if you don’t use it or need it then it’s time to let go.

Try not to become to caught up in how much you paid for something in the first place and focus on selling it on.

Sell For Whatever

I had no idea what to sell things for and most of the time I just made it up as I went along. In the end I sold most of my things for around £1-£2 and I went with the mentality that I’d just sell for whatever price purely so I didn’t have to take it home again.

I didn’t have set prices for everything but I did make up a bag of 50p items so that people could just rummage through and I didn’t have to keep telling them the price. Whilst at the time it feels like you aren’t selling things for much money it does all add up in the end once you count out your takings at the end.

Pack Beforehand

Go through your things a few weeks beforehand so that you know what you want to sell. I had my stuff ready for a while but I went through it all the day before and put things into categories and then bagged them. This meant that when it came to unpacking things I had dresses in one bag, top in another and so on.

I’d also recommend packing the car the night before. Especially if you have one of those super early 6.30am starts. It just makes it so much easier to get up and go rather than faffing around looking for everything.

Essential Kit

In terms of what I’d deem essential when you go then make sure you take a paste table, large mat or sheet, clothes rail, boxes for books/DVDs, pen and paper in case you want to price things or some sticky labels.

It’s also worth taking a few snacks and some water or flask of tea, especially if there are no food or drink facilities where you are going.

I’m definitely planning on doing another one as it really wasn’t much effort and with a little preparation beforehand I was left with a nice little sum of money on my upcoming holiday.