A weekend in the Cotswolds

The Fish Hotel

Since getting Rosie last year we were both keen to go on a little holiday together somewhere in the countryside. So, over the Easter weekend we packed up the car with all the essentials (wellies and Easter eggs of course!) and drove to The Fish Hotel in the Cotswolds.

Having spied the hotel on Instagram, I was won over by it’s decor and amazing views. That, coupled with the fact it was super dog-friendly (they have a dog menu and doggy hydration stations – how could I resist?!) I was sold that this was where we were going to go.

Upon arrival we headed to check-in where Rosie was given a warm welcome before we found our room in The Stables. After dropping our bags off in the room, we quickly put on our trainers and headed out for a walk. Sadly the walk lasted all of ten minutes before Rosie decided to roll in cow pat, so it was time to walk back to the room in an attempt to bath her. After an hour-long struggle to wash her (yep, dog owning is that glamourous) it was time for a drink and some dinner.

Dogs are allowed to dine with guests in the bar. We were a little apprehnsive at first as to how easy it would be with a young puppy, but after a long day she spent most of the time asleep whilst we drank prosecco and red wine, and dined on mac and cheese, steak, a chicken burger and chips, followed by doughnuts and dips – yum.

The next day it was time to head into Broadway and up to Broadway Tower. We fuelled up on a breakfast of croissants, fruit, and eggs benedict, it was time for a short walk around the village of Broadway and it’s quaint shops, we found the footpath up to the tower. Aside from having to walk through a rather large crowd of sheep and a fair hike up the hill, we reached the top to find a cafe and dog agility park to refuel and entertain the dog.

Because a creme egg brownie and pot of tea wasn’t enough to fill us up, we headed to The Broadway Hotel for lunch. After indulging in a camembert and bread selection, ¬†we had another wander around Broadway before walking back to the hotel for an afternoon of reading in the bar.

Late afternoon, we decided to go in search of the bluebell woods which were situated within the 400-acre site. A quick walk and baby fox-sighting later, it was time for dinner. Rosie was truly shattered by that point as it was the longest she’s ever walked, so with a very tired puppy we had a rather peaceful dinner sampling the fish dishes on offer.

And then, the next morning it was time to pack up our bags and head back to Cambridgeshire.