Snippets of Our Home

I’ve aways had a love for interiors, I remember dressing up as an interior design when we had a ‘dress what you want to be when you grow up day’ at school, but since buying our home last year you could say that my love has developed into an obsession. Gone are the days where I would pour over fashion magazines devouring every last detail, that’s been swapped for millions of house accounts on Instagram and interiors magazines.

There’s just something I love about making a house feel like a home (yep, that old cliche) and knowing I have somewhere that’s ours to return home to at the end of the day. Plus, it’s a space that’s completely ours to do with as we wish. Well, as long as my boyfriends gives the go-ahead and isn’t banning me from buying anything else love heart themed – but what’s a girl to do, they make it homely!

When it comes to style it’s very country-esque, with a little bit of retro feel thrown in there too. I like things in fairly muted tones (give me all the cream shades please), with a hint of colour – usually grey as is the case in our bedroom, or duck egg blue in the lounge.

My favourite room in the house is our lounge as it’s the one which is the most finished. I’ve always been drawn to duck egg blue, so it was an easy choice to make it the accent colour in here. My Dad and his partner kindly gifted us a retro floor lamp from Oliver Bonas as our housewarming gift in copper and I absolutely love it, as it’s our one big ‘statement’ piece in the room. All that’s left for this room is some kind of console table to put near the dining table with a lamp and some decorative bits and bobs, and a mirror over the brown leather sofa.

There’s still tonnes that I want to change or add, but for now I’m pleased with how all the rooms are coming along. We’ve just had our hallways redecorated (you can thank a rather cute, but excitable puppy, for destroying them!), so next up is adding a few bits to the walls in the hallways and landings, as well as changing some of the lampshades too as I’m a bored of the ones we have currently. We also need to get some more clothes storage, so I’m eyeing up some new bedside tables and drawers for the master bedroom, so that we can move our current sets between the two guest bedrooms.


Thank you to Blinds Hut for inviting me to share some of the trends from my home.