Quick Kitchen Update on a Budget

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The kitchen is one of my favourite rooms in our home. Whether it’s whipping up a delicious meal (if I do say so myself) for dinner, using my much-loved Kitchen Aid or indulging in our Saturday morning ritual (croissants and pot of tea), it’s a room that I love to be in whether I’m cooking or eating.

With the style of the kitchen fairly modern and not to my taste (I would much prefer something which had a more country look to it), I’ve been keen since we moved in to ensure that we could make it more exciting than it’s current monochrome colour palette. And with a new kitchen not on the cards, I’ve been keen to add little bits and pieces that won’t break the bank and are easy to do.

We already have some shelves in between a couple of the cupboards which houses the radio, some pasta in glass jars and a few recipe books, but with my collection growing, I wanted to get another shelf to place on the opposite wall to include a few of my favourite household items.

After searching for oak shelving, ordering some untreated timber in the hope I could make it into shelving (do. not. ask), I finally found what I was after in Ikea – which I should have checked out in the first place. Anyway, while on the hunt for the perfect shelf, Rinkit got in touch and asked if I wanted to pick a few items to spruce up my kitchen – and like a kid in a sweet shop, I gladly jumped at the chance because I now had just the place to display my new wares.

I love the look of open shelving stocked with glass jars, and with the autumn months fast approaching I wanted a place to keep a mini hot chocolate station, complete with marshmallows, which is where these jars came in handy. I’ve also got some spices stored in some smaller jars I already had, cocktail shaker, as well as a victoria sponge recipe print and my other cook books displayed.

As I mentioned, croissants and pot of tea has become our Saturday morning go-to breakfast, often eaten with Radio 2 in the background and Rosie attempting to steal a pain au chocolat for herself too! With a teapot obsession brewing (haha), I’ve found it’s hard to find one which pours well and fits more than two cups worth of tea in it #adultproblems, but I can confirm that this one fits that criteria well. And lastly, the slate place mats and coasters were something we had considered purchasing for a while, although we already have a heart set they don’t fit on the table all that well due to their shape, so these are slim enough for us to fit everything we need on them and on the table too.

As well as kitchenware, Rinkit is also home to furniture, garden and homeware accessories. I’ve currently got my eye on their printed pasta bowls and copper mule cocktail mugs – hello mojitos, and are well worth checking out if your looking for some new homeware pieces on a budget.

Placemats and coasters
Heart jars

Items gifted by Rinkit.