The Flowers I Have In Our Home Throughout The Year

For me, nothing signals the beginnings of a new season quite like the arrival of some new blooms in the house. And with the arrival of daffodils and tulips cropping up at flower markets and supermarkets across Cambridgeshire, it got me thinking about how flowers (of the seasonal variety) let you know that change is on the horizon. They are one of the first signs that a new season is arriving – a little bunch of hope if you will that brighter days are coming or that the evening is drawing in.

Spring is one of my favourite seasons. There are no big expectations of the long, hot days that summer promises but usually ends up falling short of, instead spring is full of promise of longer, lighter days and perhaps a little sunshine – the perfect post-winter antidote. So, when those daffodils begin to pop up you can bet I’m doing a little happy dance that those days are on their way.

Our home is never without a bunch of flowers, aside from being used to decorate the dining table (the one place there is always a full vase), they brighten my mood and celebrate the season; as well as fill up my Instagram grid. From tulips and daffodils in the spring to cutting gladioli from the garden in summer, since purchasing our house, I don’t think a day has passed where we haven’t had flowers in the house.

To celebrate my love of all things floral, I’ve shared some of my favourite flower snaps below, as well as the varieties that can be found in our home throughout the year.