Rosie Reviews the PitPat Dog Activity Monitor

Pit Pat Dog Activity Monitor

When people say that their dogs are their children, I can whole heatedly empathise and agree with that statement, and although I am sure that my mindset may change when the pitter patter of tiny feet arrive, for now, Rosie is my baby. Albeit one with a tail, four legs and some rather long ears.

When we got Rosie, we made sure we had a strict schedule in place to ensure that she was getting the right care and activity she needed each day. However, it was still hard to keep track of just how much activity she was doing day in day out, whether walks were long enough for her breed and if she sets about destroying the house while we are at work or if she catches up on some doggy z’s.

With a toy box fit to explode, and a budget which is £5 and under for toys as they are often chewed and shredded within minutes of them being handing over to the pooch, we try to restrict what we buy the dog to some degree. *She says after she bought her the biggest sack full of presents for Christmas.* However, that’s, of course, easier said than done as we are the kind of dog parents who go out and buy her a new toy when she’s even the tiniest bit quiet to cheer up.

With this in mind, dog gadgets haven’t particularly been on our radar, so when MORE TH>N and PitPat kindly got in touch to see if Rosie wanted to try out the Dog Activity Monitor (buy it here), she happily wagged her tail to say yes. I mean, I had to answer on her behalf as paws, and a keyboard doesn’t mix, but it was a paws-up from her.

The monitor breaks down each month to provide you with a monthly average of activity, the activity that she has done each day whether it was walking, running, playing or sleeping and how much activity she has completed at specific times throughout the day.

For Rosie’s breed and weight, it was recommended that she do 70 minutes of activity per day – made up of running, walking and playing, a number which I initially thought was quite low for what I would have said she needed. She’s a Cocker Spaniel, and as many fellow Spaniel owners will tell you they are a lively breed! In fact, whenever we see other Spaniels on walks the comments are usually about how crazy they are! You can see in the image below how her profile is laid out and how the daily averages compare with one another.

Pit Pat Dog Activity Monitor Review Pit Pat Dog Activity Monitor

Anyway, with the goal of 70 minutes of activity in mind, I’m glad to say since we started using the PitPat in October last year, Rosie has easily hit the 70-minute goal each day. The only time she didn’t was after her operation in October, but we can forgive her for taking it easy and following the vet’s orders on this occasion, and earlier in January this year when she wasn’t quite herself.

One of the most interesting things I’ve found from the tracker is how her just mooching around the house really adds up. For example, on Christmas Day she did  575 minutes of activity (her highest amount to date), but she hadn’t done anything out of the ordinary that day and had only had what I would deem a ‘normal’ walk (just a quick run around in the park and back home again). However, on the day we did a 12-mile walk over the new year weekend, It only equated to 470 minutes – however, 245 minutes of that was her running around. Although, of course, after the 12-mile walk she was much more tired than she was on Christmas Day as she’d ran around much more on the walk. I’ve popped these screenshots below so you can see how they compare.

Pit Pat Dog Activity Monitor Pit Pat Dog Activity Monitor

I love having it and keeping up to date with her activities and checking it each day to see if she’s been asleep in the day or having a play and wander around at home. Although, from looking at her daily activity I can confirm she spends much of the time sleeping and saving up her energy until we arrive home – typical! One of the best things about have the activity monitor is that it makes you much more conscious of just what activity she needs each day, and if she’s ever not reached her target then we either pop her lead on for a quick walk or get the toy box out. According to a study by MORE TH>N 39% of dog owners said they exercise more since getting a dog – something which we have noticed too, as come rain or shine we’ll be out there on a dog walk.

All in all, I’d recommend it; especially for energetic dogs as I love knowing how much exercise she’s done while on a walk in terms of whether it has been spent walking or running. We’re still trying to work out the optimal amount of time to wear her out, but I think that’s an impossible task, as when you think she must be tired she seems to get another burst of energy!

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